Reports on SaveAct’s impact:

  • A qualitative assessment of SaveAct’s work "Signs of Impact #1" produced in June 2009 by independent research specialists at the School of Psychology at UKZN reflects encouraging signs of impact. Download the report here. (Size 419KB).
  • Research by postgraduate student Alve Högman from the Department of Economics at Uppsala University Sweden confirms that SaveAct’s model has made a substantial difference to “consumption smoothing” among poor rural members and that SCGs are playing an increasingly important role in livelihood security. Read the thesis, Microsavings Effects on Consumption smoothing, here (PDF 926 KB).
  • A paper entitled "PhotoVoice as a tool for planning and measuring impact of community-based economic development initiatives: renewing research models and practices", can be accessed here. [PDF 901 KB]
  • PhotoVoice stories on YouTube. Watch them here.